Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint is Smog Armor Paint?

  • Smog Armor paint is a water based, Zero-VOC, Non-Toxic, air purifying paint that is made in the US & locally in Florida.


  • How does the paint eliminate air pollution & CO2?

    • With our special enhanced active mineral that constantly attracts like a magnet airborne chemicals & CO2 and neutralizes them.


  • How long does it eliminate air pollution in my home or business?  

    • Up to 5 years depending on how polluted the environment it is painted in. 


  • Does it release the air pollution back into my home/office?

    • No, only if it gets over 400 degrees F (in that case your wall is most likely on fire).


  • Is it expensive?

    • We have priced Smog Armor paint right in the middle between some of the other known paint brands’ eco-lines. None of those comparable priced paints do what Smor Armor paint does.


  • After 5 years when it stops eliminating air pollution is the paint still good?

    • Yes, the life of the paint lasts as long as any other paint. Once it is saturated it will just stop removing surrounding air pollutants.  


  • What is Green Wise Certified mean?

    • Green Wise Certification is an auditor of paints & coatings that runs 3rd party lab tests to ensure there are either a low to Zero-VOCs/chemical based paint.

    • Smog Armor was found to have 0 (zero) VOCs/chemicals, and scored an average of 9.4 out of 10 on our performance tests done by Green Wise & their 3rd party testing lab.


  • Does Smog Armor paint really increase my work performance?

    • According to a Harvard study, yes when you are in an environment with better IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) it found that employees performed better at work, were sick less, and had improved cognitive abilities (decision making abilities).

    • The study also found that there was an increase of $6,500 of additional revenue per employee per year! Not bad for the cost of a few cans of paint. (Harvard study available)


  • Does Smog Armor paint remove odors?

    • Yes, it removes noxious odors leaving behind fresher air to breathe & enjoy.


  • Has Smog Armor paint been lab tested?

    • Yes, it has been tested by multiple 3rd party labs and shown to reduce up to 95.1% of Indoor air pollution in 1 hour. (lab test results available)


  • How much CO2 / Carbon Footprint does Smog Armor remove?

    • 3 gallons of Smog Armor paint will remove as much CO2 as 1 adult tree does in an entire year!


  • Do you have colors?

    • Yes, we have our own color selection, in addition we can color match just about any color from other paint brands. 


  • How long does it take to get the paint? 

    • Most orders are delivered within 2-4 days of placing the order.


  • Why should we use Smog Armor Paint?

    • Smog Armor paint is safe for people, pets, & the planet. 

    • You will be improving the air quality wherever you paint it, improving your customer and employee experience, and you will be benefiting the environment by using a paint that has Zero-VOCs/chemicals it also is constantly removing VOCs to create a healthier environment


  •  What does it mean that Smog Armor Paint is Carbon Negative?

    • It means that our paint removes more CO2 than the CO2 that was created by making the paint.


  • How is the coverage, how much do I need for my building/office?

    • Coverage is the same as most quality paints, it is between 200-400 sq ft per gallon. (around 200 sq ft per gallon if you plan on putting 2 coats) 


  • Is Smog Armor paint high quality paint? I heard some eco-paints are not high quality?

    • We have one of the highest quality and performance paint with 3rd party performance tests showing an average score of 9.4 out of 10 from Green Wise & 3rd party test lab. 

    • Our paint manufacturer partner has been making eco-friendly paint for the past 60 years and makes small batch runs to ensure the highest quality paint.

Thank you for using Smog Armor paint

& helping us end world air pollution!