Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint is Smog Armor Paint?

  • Smog Armor paint is a water based, Zero-VOC, Non-Toxic, air purifying paint, made  locally in Florida/USA

How does the paint eliminate air pollution & CO2?

  • It is infused with our enhanced active mineral that attracts and neutralizes airborne chemicals & CO2 


How long does the air purification element last in my home or business?  

  • Up to 5 years, depending on how polluted the environment it is painted in is. 


When saturated, does it release the air pollution back into my home/office?

  • No, only if it heats over 400 degrees F (in the case of a serious fire).


Is it expensive?

  • Not really. Our prices are in the same range as other eco-friendly paints, and yet our paint offers so much more than anything out there in the market.


After 5 years when it stops eliminating air pollution is the paint still good?

  • Yes, the life of the paint lasts as long as any other paint. Once it is saturated it will just stop removing surrounding air pollutants.  


What does Green Wise Certified mean?

  • Green Wise Certification is an auditor of paints & coatings that runs 3rd party lab tests to ensure they are low to Zero VOCs/Airborne chemicals .

  • Smog Armor was found to have ZERO VOCs, and scored an average of 9.4 out of 10 on our performance tests done by Green Wise & their 3rd party testing lab.


Does Smog Armor paint really increase my work performance?

  • According to a Harvard study, YES. In an environment with better IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) employees performed better at work, were sick less, and had improved cognitive abilities (decision making abilities).

  • The study also found that there was an increase of $6,500 of additional revenue per employee per year! Not bad for the cost of a few cans of paint. 


Does Smog Armor paint remove odors?

  • Yes, it removes noxious odors, keeping your space smelling fresh.


Has Smog Armor paint been lab tested?

  • Yes, it has been tested by multiple 3rd party labs and shown to reduce up to 95.1% of Indoor air pollution in 1 hour. 

How much CO2 / Carbon Footprint does Smog Armor paint remove?

  • Each gallon of Smog Armor BREATHE paint will remove as much CO2 as 1 adult tree does in an entire year.

Do you have colors?

  • Yes, we have our own color selection, in addition we can color match just about any color from other paint brands. 


How long does it take to get the paint? 

  • Most orders are delivered within 2-4 business days of order placement date.


Why should we use Smog Armor Paint?

  • Smog Armor paint is safe for people, pets, & the planet. 

  • You will be improving the air quality wherever you paint it, improving your customer and employee experience, as well as benefiting the environment .


 What does it mean that Smog Armor Paint is Carbon Negative?

  • It means that our paint removes more CO2 than the CO2 that was created by making the paint.


How is the coverage, how much do I need for my building/office?

  • Coverage is the same as most quality paints, it is between 200-400 sq ft per gallon.
    (around 200 sq ft per gallon if you plan on using 2 coats) 


Is Smog Armor paint high quality paint? I heard some eco-paints are not high quality?

  • We have one of the highest quality and performance paint with 3rd party performance tests showing an average score of 9.4 out of 10 from Green Wise & 3rd party test labs. 

  • Our paint manufacturer partner has been making eco-friendly paint for the past 60 years and makes small batch runs to ensure the highest quality paint.

Thank you for using Smog Armor paint

& helping us end world air pollution!